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We help property owners generate income and create more financial stability in their day-to-day lives.

Whether you own one or multiple rental properties, are looking to sell your existing property and want to get paid while you wait for the perfect offer, or even have a spare room in your house to rent, we can help you create passive income without the hassle of having to manage the property.

It's simple, we do the work, you get paid.

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Why Partner With Us

Benefits of Partnering with Peaceful Treasure

Automatic Rental Payments

Put your investment on autopilot and your mind at ease. Direct rental deposits are made each month into your bank account without lifting a finger. It's simple, we do the work, you get paid.

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All Minor Maintenance Covered

Gone are the days of getting the phone call at 3 AM for the leaky toilet. We go above and beyond and will handle all minor maintenance and will care for your property as if it was our own.

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Carefully Screened Short Term Guests

Never have a sleepless night again worrying about your property. All guests are pre-screened, and typically only stay 3 - 14 nights.

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Minimal Wear

& Tear

Without having long term tenants, your property will experience minimal use of the appliances and less utilities used each month - resulting in less expense and maintenance for you.

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Professional Cleaning Service

Your investment deserves quality care. Every time a new guest checks out, your property will have a professional cleaning performed to keep it in immaculate condition - at no cost to you.

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No Additional Administrative Hassle

Sit back and relax, we handle it all. There’s no additional management for you. Also, we’re happy to provide you with references, if needed.

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Peaceful Treasure Benefits

• All Minor Maintenance Covered

• Minimal Use of Water and Appliances

• Automatic Rental Payments

• Less Wear and Tear

• Secure Keyless Entry
















What Our Partners Say

“Absolutely a pleasure to have Peaceful Treasure renting three of my properties.  I get paid on time and only get calls when there is something major.  I’m looking forward to working with them on other properties!”

- Caleb M.


Q: Who would be visiting my property? 

A: We have multiple sources from which we receive referrals for our guests.

Our referral sources include:

• Traveling Nurses

• Healthcare Professionals

• Construction Project Managers

• Vacationers

• Professional Athletes

• Emergency Weather Personal

• Corporate Executives (DTE, Amazon, Ford, Chrysler, General Motors)     


Each of our guests are prescreened for identification, are pet free, non-smokers, and typically stay for 3-14 nights. After each visit, your property is thoroughly cleaned to the highest standards by our professional cleaning company, at no cost to you.


Q: Would this require extra work for me?

A: Sit back and relax, we handle it all, there’s no additional management for you. 


Q: What’s the cost? What’s the catch?

A: There is no fee or cost to you at any time. Once we sign a lease and provide you with a security deposit, you can enjoy all the following, on us!

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Peaceful Treasure.png


(800) 928-1723

"It's simple, we do the work, you get paid."

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